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Don’t Take Just Our Word For It

I had a lovely prenatal massage, plus the whole place is clean, adorable, and has delicious snacks. Go enjoy yourself!

Casey DiNuzzo

Immediately upon walking into the giving tree you feel instantly relaxed - its bright & open yet still feels homey & cozy ... I have floated in the past & this was by far my best experience - I walked in stressed & sore and left feeling like I was walking on air- I will be back again many times!

Anna Cordaro

Soooo cozy and relaxing!!!! Had tea with a friend.. very peaceful environment you gotta check it out!!

Shannon Monck

My float experience was amazing! Gorgeous setting with the most friendliest staff and delicious tea! I will most definitely be back!

Kathleen Bevilacqua

Had the BEST prenatal massage yesterday! & the smoothies are the best part of my day! Love this place!

Maggie Zayak

Great atmosphere with even better smoothies bowls! I how everyone is so friendly & would definitely recommend.

Kaliyah Lynady

Had my first experience with floating tonight and it was amazing! If you hesitant about going-don’t be, book a session! Very relaxing experience. The facility is truly gorgeous. After my float I picked up some products on my way out and a delicious cupcake! I’ll definitely be back for more sessions and can’t wait to try the coffee and other drinks!

April Rydzanich

What a Great experience. Happy to see new and innovative businesses open in downtown Scranton. I brought my pregnant wife here and we both loved it. Float float float!

Mike Urban

Such a beautiful establishment!! Yesterday I had my first floating experience and it was so relaxing and I slept great last night! I highly suggest anyone with sore muscles or who has trouble sleeping to try floating. They also have a huge variety of teas and drinks. Do your mind and body a favor and check it out!!

Grace Potelunas

I had a wonderful experience at The Giving Tree. The staff are incredibly thoughtful, helpful, and kind. The float was SO relaxing...unlike anything I had experienced before. I had an amazing smoothie bowl afterwards, and I’ll definitely be back again.

Meghan Hubert

Awesome floating experience. Took some time to quiet my brain, but once I got comfortable it was a refreshing break from the world.

Tom DePietro

What a beautiful, inviting facility. As for floating/the pod, you're deprived of visual & audio input should you chose to close it & turn off the music. To completely "unplug", slow down & refocus my brain was fabulous. Naturally the salt initially burned my super sensitive skin but w/in mins, it went away. My skin now feels great. And I slept like a baby afterwards!

Jamie Heenan

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