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A Follow-Up Message from The Giving Tree and TRYBE:

We are very pleased to inform you that our staff and trainers have all tested negative for COVID-19. As suspected, our distancing and cleaning measures have proven to be effective, and we will continue to follow these diligent protocols as we re-open tomorrow, Thursday, July 2.

As stated in our previous e-mail, your safety and well-being is our top priority, so we took the extra step and had the entire center professionally fumigated, using hospital-grade germicidal cleaners yesterday.

Green Phase Reminders:

-Masks are required to enter the facility.

-Temperatures will continue to be taken using a no-contact thermometer for all Giving Tree appointments & TRYBE classes.

-Waivers will continue to be signed for all Giving Tree appointments & TRYBE classes.

-Continue to practice social distancing.

-Hand sanitizer is located throughout the facility. Please use it!

-TRYBE Clients: Continue to follow class procedures.

-Be conscious of your weekend activities and more mindful of how that could affect your community.

-If you feel unwell please stay away.

-If any one in your family has COVID-19, please stay away.

-If you travel, please stay away for two weeks upon your return.

We will continue to do our part and appreciate each and every one of you. We know we’ll get through these crazy times together.


A Message from The Giving Tree and TRYBE:

We have just been notified that one of our staff members has tested positive for COVID-19. This person was asymptomatic, did not display any symptoms, and did not report to work while waiting for the test results. This person DID NOT contract the virus at The Giving Tree/TRYBE. The staff member is now self-quarantining for two weeks. We are informing you because you are a customer of The Giving Tree and/or a member of TRYBE. YOU WILL RECEIVE ANOTHER E-MAIL IF YOU CAME INTO CONTACT WITH THIS PERSON. Keep your eyes out for that. If you did not come into contact with this person, this is the only e-mail you will receive.

You of course have the option to get tested through any of the available sites around Pennsylvania (link provided below).

What's Next?

All Giving Tree staff members and TRYBE trainers are getting tested today and tomorrow morning. As you know, we always operate with your health and safety as our main priority. We know it is never anyone’s intention to expose themselves to COVID-19. We hope that this hitting so close to home might inspire our customers and members to be more conscious of their weekend activities and more mindful of how that could affect your community and other local businesses. As mentioned earlier, the exposure did not occur under our roof and we hope this clarifies and illuminates why we are being so rigorous about taking temperatures, wearing masks, and in TRYBE's case, staying only at your workout station. We are hopeful that our adamant adherence to these CDC guidelines of distance and cleanliness will prove to have lessened the spread of, or even completely contained, this COVID-19 positive person.

We will be shutting down, effective immediately, until we can assess how much/if any exposure occurred. Test results typically take 1-3 days. In the event of little to no exposure we will open back up and continue to operate as we have been, proving that our distancing and cleaning measures are in fact successful.

If you had an upcoming appointment at The Giving Tree this week between Monday and Wednesday, we have cancelled that. Once we open back up, we will send out another e-mail and you will be able to re-book.

Online TRYBE classes will continue to be streamed daily. If you are not a member of TRYBE LIVE, click here to join. If you recently purchased a membership for in-studio classes, we will pause your membership and resume it once we open back up.

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